Vacuum pump oil and grease

Diverse options
  • Mineral oils for pumping air, noble gases and chemically non-aggressive vapours
  • Mineral oils with additives for an improved chemical stability in aggressive conditions
  • Paraffin-based oils also for chemically aggressive vapours
  • Synthetic oils for aggressive conditions and good thermal stability
  • Perfluoropolyether oils (PFPE) approved for use with oxygen and the most aggressive media such as fluorine
We recycle used materials. Wir recyclen gebrauchte Materialen.
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The requirements of vacuum coating are very different, e.g. pressures of up to 10-8 mbar are required. Oil-sealed vacuum pumps are also required, among other things. The respective pressure ranges required for the different coating processes can only be set with special oils. In addition, the vacuum oil used must have an adequate inertness with the process gases.

With us, you will receive the container sizes which are adapted precisely to your needs. We take PFPE oils back for recycling.

Comparison list: Diffusion pump oils

  Sindlhauser  Alcatel Balzers/Pfeiffer Edwards Leybold Other name
Mineral oil M-90VD 200 61 Apiezon B Diffelen light normal
LVO 500
D6. D8 Aneron light Addinol XVD6 Solva 68
Mineral oil DP-201 --- --- AP-201 LVO 540 ---
Silicone oil S-04V 241 DC704 704EU DC704 AN140
Silicone oil S-02V --- --- --- --- AN30. DC702
Silicone oil S-05V --- DC705 DC705 DC705 AN175

Comparion list: Vacuum pump oils

  Sindlhauser  Alcatel Balzers/Pfeiffer Edwards Leybold Other name
Mineral oil M-100V 100 --- --- N62
LVO 100
Mineral oil MW-95V 200 L Ultragrade 20 NC2 ---
Mineral oil WA-70V 120 P3. L Ultragrade 19
Ultragrade 15
LVO 130
LVO 600
Synthetic oil DSL-100 --- --- --- LVO 210 Anderol 555
PFPE Perfluoro­polyether oil (Fomblin) 3/6V --- --- YLVAC 06/6 --- Krytox 1506
PFPE Perfluoro­polyether oil 6/14V --- --- YLVAC 14/6 NC1/14
LVO 400
Krytox 1514
PFPE Perfluoro­polyether oil 12/25V 113 F5 YLVAC 25/6 NC1/25
LVO 410
Krytox 1525

Other oils

  Sindlhauser  Properties Comparable
Silicone oil HM-65 Hexamethyldisiloxane

Viscosity (25°C): 0.65 mm²/s
Density (25°C): 0.762 g/cm³
Boiling point: 100°C
Purity: ≥ 99.5%
Wacker AK 0.65

Oil selection table

Oil basis:
  • M Mineral; only core fractions, partially post-distilled and added
  • F Perfluoropolyether, with BAM certificate for use with oxygen
  • S Silicon
  • K Synthetic carbohydrates
  Oil basis Viscosity mm2/s (40°C) Flashpoint (°C) Steam pressure mbar (20°C)
Pre-pump oil M-100V M 100 ca. 250 ca. 10-3
MW-95V M 95 > 250 ca. 10-3
WA-70V M ca. 70 > 240 ca. 10-3
DSL-100 K ≥ 90 ≥ 250 1 x 10-5
3/6V F 25 non-flammable 5.2 x 10-7
6/14V F 60 non-flammable 2.6 x 10-7
12/25V F 95 non-flammable 1.3 x 10-7
Diffusion pump oil M-90VD M 60 >245 bis zu 2 x 10-9
DP-201 M 17 >200 5 x 10-6
S-04V S 33 >230 5 x 10-7
S-02V S 29 >230 2.5 x 10-6
S-05V S 175 at 25°C 243 3 x 10-10

* Details represent guideline values

Vacuum grease

  • F-V1 fitting grease for vacuum systems
  • F-V2 ball bearing grease for vacuum systems
  • V-MS silicon grease for general applications in vacuum systems
  Unit F-V1 F-V2 VM-S
Basis material   Perfluorinated polyether Perfluorinated polyether Silicone oil
Density g/cm3 ca. 1.96 ca. 1.95 ca. 1.19
Steam pressure 20°C mbar 1 x 10-7 1 x 10-9 1 x 10-7
Lower operating temperature   -30°C / -22°F -40°C / -40°F -40°C
Upper operating temperature   260°C / 500°F 260°C / 500°F 250°C
Speed parameter (n x dm) mm/min ca. 300.000 ca. 300.000 ---
Worked penetration. 60. max mm/10 --- --- 260
Static penetration mm/10 --- --- 175 bis 210
Evaporation 24 hours at 200°C % --- --- < 2.0

Oil analyses

As an additional service, we also analyse used oils for our customers. Here, typical wear metals such as aluminium, lead, chrome, iron, copper, are determined quantitatively in ppm. We also analyse solid and liquid impurities in ppm or weight/% or vol%, such as dust, moisture, soot. Finally, the degree of oxidation and the viscosity of the oil are determined and, if possible, compared with the fresh oil. The results are commented upon and a recommendation is voiced.

The purpose of the oil analysis:

  • optimised maintenance intervals thanks to the occasional testing of oil from the aggregate and comparison with fresh oil. This allows us to determine the optimal maintenance / oil change interval.
  • Breakdown inspection with analysis allows errors to be isolated or ruled out


  • Required sample quantity: approx. 100 ml
  • Analysable products: all types of oil for vacuum pumps, provided they are not toxic or irradiated.
  • Time requirement: calculated from receipt of the sample, maximum 2 weeks until the results of the analysis come out.

Pump maintenance and repair

  • Specialist repair and maintenance of vacuum pumps and pump stands of all types and manufacturers - also contaminated pumps and devices
  • Repair of vacuum measuring devices and leak detectors
  • Conversion from mineral to synthetic oil-operated pumps and vice versa
  • Individual construction of pump stands according to your specifications
  • Provision of rental pumps
  • if desired Servicing your system on site
  • short processing times 6 - 8 working days
  • 6 months’ time guarantee
  • Collection and return of pumps and devices
  • Provision of suitable transport containers
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