The interplay of material, product and service
As well as the bonding service and bonding shop, for monitoring the quality, we also offer ultrasonic measuring technology, X-ray diffractometers, quality checks / documentation, packaging and transport as well as recycling as these are also among our strengths.

Bond service

Extensive experience and comprehensive specialist competence ...

Ultrasonic measuring technology

With our ultrasonic test device, we can check targets up to a length of 620mm ...

X-ray diffractometer

An X-ray diffractometer is a device to examine the structure of materials ...

Milling centre

Flexible, competent, fast...

Research & development

Research and development are highly valued at Sindlhauser Materials...

Quality checks / documentation

For each target and backing plate, there is internal documentation on quality control. The passage of the products is completely documented.

Packaging and transport

We have high standards when it comes to packaging and shipping so that our products reach you safely.


The value of recycling will gain considerably more importance in the future. We recycle targets, oil as well as tungsten, tantalum and molybdenum ...

High Performance Absorber
  • Nano-scaled Lanthanum Hexaboride (LaB6)
  • Transparent, high performance absorber in the near infra-red range (NIR)
  • As an additive for 3D printing, safety features and laser welding for textiles

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