Working together with selected and competent partners
The largest material group we have is targets made from pure metals and alloys. These form our core business, as well as the supply of all convention metals in the periodic table, including all precious metals and many rare earth metals. Thanks to our collaboration with selected and competent partners, targets are manufactured using different processes.

The right manufacturing technology is selected depending on the target requirements such as purity, structure geometry and material type. The most frequently used manufacturing processes are vacuum melting, sintering, hot pressing and hot isostatic pressing (HIP).

Metals and precious metals

Targets made from all metals


Production according to different manufacturing technologies

Rare earth metals

Unique visual, magnetic and chemical properties

Ceramic construction materials

Boron nitride, cordierite, aluminium oxide, zircon oxide, Yttrium oxide

Oxide ceramics

Interesting properties for the coating industry

Non-oxide ceramics

Increasing potential for the future

Non-metal / special materials

Extensive experience

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