Packaging and transport

Safety in focus - we have high standards when it comes to packaging and shipping so that our products reach you safely.
The diversity of our products with the most varied of properties requires perfectly matched packaging, e.g. packaging suitable for clean rooms, moisture-sealed multilayer packaging or highly stable wooden crates. Rely on our experience of how goods are packed properly and arrive with the customer undamaged.


  • Special sealing surface protection (plastic cuffs)
  • Our products are shrink-wrapped in vacuum film (with and without vacuum)
  • Vacuum shrink-wrapping in aluminium-laminated moisture-sealed packaging
  • Filling the packaging with argon or nitrogen
  • Cardboard boxes, wooden crates (with certificate) or aluminium boxes depending on the requirement.
  • Wooden crates and aluminium boxes can be reused.


  • We deliver globally, with labels and papers if desired.
  • We can organise the return transport of your used targets.
  • Our transport partners are well-known, international carriers and freight companies.
  • Express deliveries, overnight deliveries, special transit and direct deliveries are possible at any time.
  • We deliver every day, even at the weekend.
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