Non-metal / special materials

Extensive experience
Here, we already have extensive experience in handling these materials. These are germanium, silicon, boron and carbon. These are designated special materials because of their physical and chemical properties.

Thanks to the extensive work we have done with these materials, we can guarantee our customers competent advice and carry out all bonding work stages correctly. Here, special attention is paid to the individual material configuration for the customer.

The dimensions and geometric design should be determined together in advance. Sputter target measurements according to your wishes and drawings.

Material Sputter target monolithic bonded Chemical formula Purity % Density g/cm³ Melting point °C Atomic mass u
Antimony   Sb 99.99 6.68 631 121.75
Boron   B 99.9 2.34 2075 10.81
Germanium   Ge 99.999 5.32 937 72.81
Carbon C 99.99 2.26 3660 12.01
Silicon   Si 99.999 2.33 1414 28.08
Tellurium   Te 99.99 3.24 449 127.8
Bismuth   Bi 99.99 9.789 271 208.98
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