We see recycling our products as an important contribution to sustainability. We are happy to take back products we have supplied to our customers once “used” for recycling. For example, we treat sputter targets in such a way that the material can be reused.

Target recycling

All sputter targets which you have bought from us can be returned to us for recycling. This process should be as simple and as non-bureaucratic as possible.
  • You will receive an offer on the current daily rate of the target metal.
  • You deliver the material or we can pick up the used sputter target from you via our carrier.
  • You send us a contamination declaration.
  • You receive a settlement for the precise weight and value.
  • You receive a credit note

We can support you!

  • Returning use targets for recycling
  • Optimising the target dimension
  • Reusing used backing plates
  • Cost and material comparative calculation Monolithic / bonded target
  • We also recycle your used backing plates and support tubes!

Recycling oil

Requirements and services for recycling

  • Minimum quantity for PFPE oils from 1 litre
  • Only uncontaminated oils from the production process are accepted - No other waste or oils with different chemistry
  • Contaminated oils must be sent to us in UN containers with a list of the contents, if known. We can supply the corresponding UN containers if desired
  • All PFPE oils from vacuum pumps are regenerated
  • Duration approx. 4 weeks after delivery
  • The yield is 95-100 % of the supplied quantity depending on the degree of contamination and oxidation for PFPE oils
  • The regenerated oil can optionally be mixed with fresh oil
Recycled oils have the same value as fresh oils in terms of quality and performance. The recycling service includes analytical tests (FFT infra-red spectroscopy; determination of viscosity and the specific weight; checking the moisture content).

In addition, the achievable ultimate total in a two-level mechanical vacuum pump is determined and documented. Each part of the recycled oil is sent to the customer with an analysis certificate.

Recycling of tungsten, tantalum and molybdenum

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