Non-oxide ceramics

Increasing potential for the future
Non-oxide ceramics such as nitrides, carbides, borides are primarily different from the oxide ceramics because of their much better to very good electrical conductivity and their high degree of hardness. At the moment, the non-oxide ceramic targets are a niche product for many customers; however they have increasing potential for the future due to their special properties. The requirements for the production of non-oxide ceramics are considerable, however. For example, targets such as B4C, TiB2 or similar require a high-temperature technique, some with temperatures of over 2000°C.

In order to be able to manufacture the whole range of this material, we use production techniques such as sintering, hot pressing or HIP. This means that the company is capable of fulfilling all the previously set requirements for targets. Thanks to extensive experience as well as the whole value chain based in house, we can secure the highest quality as well as optimum service for our customers.

The dimensions and geometric design should be determined together in advance. Sputter target measurements according to your wishes and drawings.

Material sputter target planar bonded Chemical formula Purity (%) Density (g/cm³) Melting point (°C) Molar mass  (g/mol)
Boron carbide B4C 99.9 2.52 2350 55.2
Lanthanum hexaboride LaB6 99.9 4,72 2210 203.76
Molybdenum silicide MoSi2 99.9 6.31 1920 152.1
Molybdenum sulphide MoS2 99.9 5.06 450 160
Silicon carbide SiC 99.9 3.16 2700 40.1
Silicon nitride Si3N4 99 3.2 1900 140.24
Titanium boride TiB2 99.9 4.38 3225 69.48
Titanium carbide TiC 99.5 4.93 3140 59.88
Titanium nitride TiN 99.5 5.22 2950 81.88
Titanium silicide TiSi2 99.9 4.39 1540 105.04
Tungsten carbide WC 99.9 15.63 2800 195.85
Zircon boride ZrB2 99.5 6.09 3000 112.84
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