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Member of the European research society Dünne Schichten.
Since 1995, Sindlhauser Materials has been supplying the most varied of materials for coating such as sputter targets made from oxide and non-oxide ceramics or bonded rare earth metals to industry companies around the world. The company also supports industry operations in using plasma technology for coating diverse products.

Our international network of competent partner companies ensures safety and reliability regarding the availability of the required materials. As a qualified supplier for the semiconductor, sensor and light industry, we place a great deal of value on intensive research and development, as part of funded research projects as well.
Precise vacuum coating is a challenge globally. Sindlhauser Materials supplies materials for optimal coating results.

We see ourselves as a system supplier. Materials, competent advice, development, recycling - the customer receives everything from one source. The extensive choice of our materials permits solutions for the most varied of applications. Get in touch with us!
We achieve flexibility and quality with competent employees, a high production depth and testing equipment which permits reliable statements on quality.

Research and development have a great value for us. Promising markets such as optics, sensors and semiconductors require strong innovative partners to drive forward visions of industry 4.0, self-driving cars, medical sensors, ultrafast chips or flexible displays.
We are certified according to ISO 9001:2015.

Sindlhauser Materials GmbH is ISO certified.
You can find our certificates, our general terms and conditions (T&Cs)
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