Milling and drilling contract work

Flexible, competent, fast

The most varied workpiece dimensions for copper backing plates, for example, for bonding targets, present us with great challenges. Our pool of CNC tool machines, paired with the competence and experience of our employees, stand for flexibility and speed for our customers.

As material manufacturers in Kempten in Allgäu with vast experience in processing different materials, we want to support you with your milling and drilling work. We can carry out contract work for you. Send us your requests. We can react in a flexible and fast manner, and guarantee the best possible quality.

Technical data for travel distances:

x-axis: 1.600 mm
y-axis: 700 mm
z-axis: 640 mm



  • copper
  • copper alloys
  • aluminium, aluminium alloys
  • stainless steel

To issue an offer, we require a drawing and information about the desired quantity
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