Rare earth metals

Unique visual, magnetic and chemical properties
This special group of materials is increasingly gaining interest. The reason for this is the unique visual, magnetic and chemical properties, where new and diverse areas of applications are opening up all the time.

Handling these substances requires special knowledge, as reactions with the oxygen in the air can be very strong. For this reason, we are specially oriented around this with part of our production. The whole bonding process, as well as the storage of parts, takes place under inert conditions, where safety and the highest level of quality is guaranteed.

The dimensions and geometric design should be determined together in advance. Sputter target measurements according to your wishes and drawings.

Material Sputter target planar monolithic planar bonded Chemical formula Purity (%) Density (g/cm³) Melting point (°C) Atomic mass (u)
Cerium Ce 99.9 6.77 795 140.11
Dysprosium   Dy 99.9 8.55 1412 162.5
Erbium Er 99.9 9.066 1529 167.26
Gadolinium   Gd 99.9 7.9 1312 158.92
Lanthanum La 99.9 6.17 920 138.9
Neodymium Nd 99.9 7 1021 144.24
Praseodymium Pr 99.9 6.77 935 140.9
Samarium Sm 99.9 7.52 1072 150.36
Terbium Tb 99.9 8.27 1356 158.92
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