Sputter targets

Diverse options
We can advise you on all issues relating to sputter targets!
  • Target measurement
  • Target segmentation 
  • Bonding technology
  • Monolithic/bonded cost comparisons
  • Suitable backing plates
  • Support with new material combinations
We have extensive experience in the manufacture of ceramics and produce oxide and non-oxide ceramics as sputter targets for the coatings industry, as well as metals and alloys. The different properties make it possible to develop tailor-made materials for the respective application through chemical modification and the formation of ceramic mixtures. In this way, the electrical conductivity of ceramic targets, which are normally used as isolators, can be influenced in a targeted manner in a broad range by using additives to make them very good electrical conductors.
With the manufacture of targeted mixtures, the hardness, chemical resistance and visual properties, for example, can be broadly adapted to suit the specific wishes of the customers. A further important area is mixtures of ceramic materials and metals, so-called cermets. We have the whole value chain in house: from the treatment of raw materials to the manufacture of the ceramics, the processing right up to bonding the targets.

Material type of the sputter target Planar target tubular target Examples
Standard metals Al, Cu, Ti ...
Alloys Al/Si, Ti/Al ...
Precious metals   Au, Pt, Ag ...
Rare earth metals   Ce, Er, Tb ...
Oxide ceramics Al2O3, AZO, ITO ...
Non-oxide ceramics   B4C, TiB2, LaB6 ...
Special materials   B, Ge, Si ...
We supply planar targets and tubular targets, monolithic and bonded for PVD sputter systems.
  • Targets of 25 - 4000 mm and bonded
  • Optimal adaptation to the application-specific conditions
  • Suitable choice of backing plates depending on the target material
  • Purities of up to 7N
  • Recycling of used targets
The manufacturing technology applied depends on the:
  • Target material (ceramic, metal, alloy, cermet)
  • Requirements (purity, structure, chemical composition)
  • Target size
  • Material composition
Manufacturing technologies:
  • Casting
  • Vacuum casting
  • Hot pressing
  • Hot isostatic pressing (HIP)
  • Sintering
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