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Sindlhauser Materials supplies sputter targets, LaB6 ceramic and cathodes, suspensions, granulates / evaporation raw materials and tungsten, tantalum and molybdenum components, vacuum pump oil and grease ...

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Member of the European research society Dünne Schichten.
Since 1995, Sindlhauser Materials has been supplying the most varied of materials for coating such as sputter targets made from oxide and non-oxide ceramics or bonded rare earth metals, as well as metals and alloys to industry companies around the world. The company also supports industry operations in using plasma technology for coating diverse products.

Our international network of competent partner companies ensures safety and reliability regarding the availability of the required materials. As a qualified supplier and manufacturer for the semiconductor, sensor and light industry, we place a great deal of value on intensive research and development, as part of funded research projects as well.

High Performance Absorber
  • Near Infrared (NIR, 800-1200 nm) and UV-vis (300-450 nm) Absorber
  • Material for Additive Manufacturing, Laser Welding of Plastics and Textiles, Light Filtration Systems, Drying Processes (Paints and Coatings) and Security Marking

Product development

Your vision in view

Are you looking for a special target? We can prepare a quote for you using your drawing and specification. After clarifying all the technical issues on the target design, manufacturing technology and necessary quality checks, we will start producing your target.

We also keep a keen eye on the documentation, identification numbers and correct packaging: The complete traceability of our products is always guaranteed.
Target bonding
(planar- & tube targets)
Complete Documentation
Quality control
Special packaging and delivery

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