PeroLab High Performance Absorber

NIR Absorber (LaB6 Particles)
  • Nano scaled Lanthanum Hexaboride (LaB6)
  • Transparent, high performance absorber in the near infrared range (NIR)
  • As an additive for 3D-printing, safety features and laser welding for textiles
We deliver the nanoscale LaB6 absorbers in powder form or dispersed in different Liquids, e.g. Ethanol, methoxypropanol or water.


Plasma deposition

This product was developed in the scope of a joint research project with the DWI Leibniz Institute for interactive Materials in Aachen and funded by the German Ministry of Research (BMBF). The company Sindlhauser Materials GmbH, manufacturer of ceramic Microscale LaB6 cathode has developed the process technology and has filed a patent for the production of this nanoscale powder.

The production takes place in a purpose-built plasma system. Microscale LaB6 powder is introduced into the reactor and completely vaporized by the high temperature of the plasma. A subsequent, controlled quenching leads to the formation of nano-scaled LaB6 of a particle size smaller than 150 nm.

Areas of Application

Plasma deposition


Nano-scaled LaB6 particles are dispersed in a polymer matrix to a concentration at about 0.1wt%. During the additive manufacturing process, a laser beam or an IR lamp with a wavelength of 808 nm is applied on the printed layer and absorbed by the nanoparticles, leading to a temperature rise of 100°C within msec. The layer then cross-links with the one underneath and undergoes a hardening of the 3D body. An additional hardening step is not necessary. Another advantage is the high transparency of the LaB6 absorber.

Laser welding

Nano-scaled LaB6 particles are dispersed in a polymer for subsequent yarn spinning, which is the starting step for the production of textile parts like technical filter materials. The yarns can be heated and welded with an NIR laser at the cross points.

Safety features

The transparency of the LaB6 absorber allows a targeted inserting of labeling e.g. in invisible stripes. Once irradiated be an IR lampf or laser, these marks can heat up and become visible under an IR camera, where temperature differences from 4°C are detectable.


Photothermal effect

The NIR radiation, which is the long-wave range of radiation, from 780 nm, causes a very rapid heating of the LaB6 absorber, which, if homogeneously dispersed, can be heated with appropriate IR lasers or lamps.

The nanoscale LaB6 absorber powder has a melting point of about 2600 ° C, is chemically inert, nonhazardous and shows no health effects.
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