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Target recycling


We will take back all targets you obtained from us for recycling. This procedure is to take place as simply and with as little bureaucracy as possible.


  • You will receive an offer on the current rate of the target metal.
  • You can deliver the material or we can pick up the used targets via our forwarding agency.
  • You provide us with a →Declaration of contamination
  • You will receive a statement on the detailed weight and the value
  • You will receive a credit


We will also recycle your used back panels and substrate tube!


Minimisation of energy and raw material consumption, improvement of the resources efficiency is more important than ever.

The significance of recycling will be much more important in the future.

We will support you!

  • We will take back used targets for recycling
  • Optimisation of the target dimension
  • Re-use of used back panels
  • Cost and material comparative calculation monolithic / bonded target