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In order to find the appropriate procedure for bonding of target and back panel, different factors have to be taken into consideration.


  • Different temperature resistance
  • Different Expansion of target and back panel in the application
  • Target properties (brittle, soft, ductile)
  • The ability to wet the surfaces (metals, ceramics, noble metals)


We basically use three different procedures for the bonding and thus can ideally process every combination of target and →back panel.


  Indium bonding Nanofoil® bonding Adhering
Bond material used Indium (In) AgSn and Nanofoil® Electrically conductive adhesive
Melting point solder joint 155°C 220°C >250°C
suited for big differences of the expansion coefficient target/back panel very suited moderately suited less suited
Effort of de-bonding very low effort low effort high effort