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Recycling of oils

With our multistage process (Filtration Vacuum distillation) we are able to guarantee recycled oil quality comparable with brand new oil. The recycling-service contains analytical tests (infrared spectroscopy, determination of viscosity, specific weight and moisture content). In addition we measure and document the final vacuum pressure in a two-stage-mechanical vacuum pump. To each individual order an analytical certificate is included.

Recycling requirements

  • No impurities from other production processes like waste material, oils with different chemistry
  • Contaminated oil must be packed into UN-Containers and a list with all impurities must be included. Suitable UN-Containers can be supplied upon request
  • Recycling time approx. 4 weeksg
  • The yield depends on impurity and oxidation intensity and can be calculated between 75 to 95 %.
  • The recycled oil can be mixed with brand new oil without any problems


Recycling von Öl