Oil analysis

As an additional service, we offer a complete analysis of used oils.

We measure typical wear metals like aluminium, plumbum, chromium, iron, copper, etc. quantitative in ppm. In addition, we measure solid and liquid impurities in ppm. and weight % like dust, moisture, carbon. Finally, the oxidation level is measured and the viscosity of the oils depends on temperature.

All of this information will be summarised in an analytical report and recommendations will be made concerning best maintenance interval, wear situation in the vacuum pump and, if necessary, indications will be given for improved oil quality.

Advantages of Oil analysis

  • To achieve best maintenance intervale

Recommendations of alternative oils in case of oil problems with the existing product.


  • Quantity required: 100 ml
  • All types of vacuum pump oils can be analysed as long as they are not toxic and contaminated by radiation
  • Time: two weeks