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Advantages of target bonding


  • The target thickness can be reduced by 25 – 50% which will result in a better material yield, lower costs, smaller temperature gradient
  • If copper back panels are used, the heat dissipation will be improved which causes a lower heat load of the target and improved cooling
  • Brittle targets such as Si, B, Ge, ceramics have to be bonded
  • If the target shows minor cracks during use, this does not mean stop of the coating or exchange of the target
  • In the case of expensive targets such as noble metals, a lot of costs can be saved
  • The back panels can be re-used


Requirement concerning bonding

  • Secure bond target back panel
  • Equally good heat transfer target back panel
  • Good electric contract target back panel
  • Compensation of different expansion coefficients target back panel
  • Trouble-free de-bonding of the used targets


Factors of influence for target bonding

  • Expansion coefficients target back panel
  • Target thickness (temperature gradient)
  • Target size
  • Target properties: brittle, ductile, soft
  • Target design (individual panel, segmented)


Four different bond technologies enable us to choose the best bond technology possible depending on the material combination (target back panel). We can provide you with comprehensive advice which target back panel geometry and which bond technology is the best for your target.